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In addition to the role models the coaches, teachers, and staff provide for these young athletes on a daily basis, there are class presentations and discussion several days a week on topics pertaining specifically to life values and life skills.

Being Involved

The Pursuit of Excellence Academy goes far beyond just talking with the players about these issues. The Academy ensures that players experience these life skills and values in very practical ways, not only in terms of living away from home, but by being involved in the community and in specific projects of service to others.

When the Pursuit players travel with our coaches to Mexico to build houses for the poor, or when they serve food to the less fortunate, they experience gratitude and humility.

When the players help sponsor a needy child from Ethiopia or Haiti, they experience compassion and sacrifice. When the players in our Academy put on a free skating clinic for young hockey players in the community, they experience servant leadership.

When the Pursuit players understand how having a faith in God can change their attitude and perspective on life, they soon realize that their dreams are probably too small for what God has in store for them!

The vision I had for this program several years ago has become a reality… Kid’s lives are being changed. If parents are willing to share their son or daughter with us, we know and we have seen, and parents consistently tell us, that this one decision will make the difference for a lifetime. If you are committed to having your son or daughter here, we are committed to finding a way with you, of getting them here.

 -David Roy