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A Year End Message "About You"

By Admin, 06/08/17, 1:15PM PDT



Think for a minute about YOU, in September, 2016. Who were you as a person in terms of your maturity, your character, your values? What were you like as a player; your hockey skill set; your understanding of the game? Academically, what were you like as a student? Now fast forward to June, 2017 and ask those same questions again. The development you have made in all those areas of “YOU” after 10 months is POE’s measurement of your success.


Everyone of you will have had different degrees of “success” or development as a 360 degree player over those 10 months. Was it more than or less than what you had hoped for or expected? Whatever the outcome for each of you, here is the key take away from the year:


All of your life will be a practice in one form or another. We never will be “finished” our development in any area of our lives as long as we live. So the “process” of development is a skill itself, just like shooting or stickhandling. What you learned this year about being focused day in and day out; the discipline required; the effort you needed to put in each day; the commitment to apply positive habits consistently; the mental resilience to bounce back after failure, and your ability to bring passion and purpose to every hour of training, these are all part of a “process”.


Perfecting this “process” is the most important “skill” you must continue to develop for the rest of your life. When you learn to love the “process” as much as the “performance” that is when you become unstoppable and the sky is the limit in developing all the incredible abilities God has given each one of you.


Thank you so much for giving me, our coaches, and all our staff the privilege of being a part of your lives for the last 10 months. We will always be here for you!


David Roy

President POE