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By Admin, 06/25/20, 1:15PM PDT




Dear Parents, Players, and Friends of POE,                                         

 In the 17 years that I have owned and operated the POE Hockey Academy, I have never had more exciting news than I have for the families and players who will be attending our Academy this fall AND in the FUTURE!

I have reached an agreement with The Rink Academy in Winnipeg to take over ownership of POE, yet it will leave the program exactly the same… but even better! The upside is incredible for your son/daughter’s hockey and character development… and here is why! 

  1. We will have the same coaches, exactly the same program in terms of 10 hours of ice a week for 10 months, all the off-ice training and skills, game video review, POE Class and the optional class for Hockey and Life. (All of this, of course, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, is subject to the guideline imposed by government, BC Hockey, Hockey Canada, and the Provincial Health authorities.)
  2. I have signed a 5 year contract to continue working with the Academy. The biggest positive from this is I will be freed up from most of the business side of the Academy to focus on working with players and coaches on the skating and personal development of the players.
  3. Families with existing Commitment Letters with POE for the 2020-21 Academy year, these agreements will remain in place. You will still have Jocelyn involved with the hockey registration and Wendy dealing with the billeting and as your School Liaison.
  4. The owners of the Rink Academy are very successful business people who have done amazing things in Winnipeg such as building their own 3 ice sheet arena and training facility and have the financial means and the motivation to develop a world class program with The Rink Academy in Kelowna. 
  5. The new ownership have an established Academy in Winnipeg which has been in the league for a number of years now. The Rink has had great success with their teams and their organization.
  6. The Rinks’ focus since it started in 2009 has been on hockey skill development and applying that skill development to game play. 
  7. They have exactly the same philosophy as POE in terms of developing the 360 degree Player with a focus on developing excellence as a player, student, and person. 
  8. A number of their staff have formerly been involved in the EOE Skating Camps so they have the same emphasis on skating develop and they will be applying the same underlying principles as we do. 


This is a just a quick summary of some of the positives for any family coming to the Academy this year or in the future. As I said, the upside is incredible when you take all that POE has to offer and combine it with the excellence in hockey/skill development, business success and the resources that The Rink has to offer. This is a big day to celebrate!

As far as finalizing the POE 2019-20 Academy year and balances owing or credits/refunds, we are still processes these and POE and the EOE Inc still will continue to finalize these matters. The EOE Skating Camps are continuing in full force starting in Kelowna for three weeks and then Winnipeg for two weeks. We have record numbers of registrations even in the last three weeks and we are excited to get started.

Should you have any questions about the change in ownership please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing  but please be patient. Otherwise, we will keep the communication lines open and will be sending you further updates as needed.

Wishing you an amazing day!

David Roy





Winnipeg, MB - The RINK Hockey Corp. has purchased Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy (POE) and Edge of Excellence (EOE) as of July 1st, 2020 subject to the approval of BC Hockey and the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL).

The RINK Training Centre, based in Winnipeg, MB has been focused on growth and skill development of players and goalies from introductory hockey all the way to the NHL for the past 12 years. The RINK Hockey Academy (RHA) has been a proud member of the CSSHL for the last 5 years and has grown from two to four teams as well as adding their first female team this past season. The RINK Hockey Academy is focused on education-based hockey and developing young men and women not only to become exceptional student athletes but outstanding citizens within their communities. Being a Hockey Canada Accredited School, student athletes have access to all the support and resources they need to succeed in the classroom.

“Providing a world-class experience for these student athletes is objective number one,” said RINK President, Ryan Cyr. “As a program, we strive to provide opportunities both on and off the ice as well as allowing student athletes to excel personally and professionally.”

The RINK Hockey Academy has seen tremendous success in providing a fully integrated experience with academics, travel, skill development, games, and off-ice training and looks to bring their experience and operational expertise to only further the success of POE/EOE. Going forward, the RINK Hockey Corp. will maintain current operations of POE/EOE, while maximizing the development of student athletes through education-based hockey. President and CEO of POE/EOE, David Roy, will remain a part of the organization and will be vital to a successful transition into expanding the RINK Hockey Academy.

“We are incredibly excited to add POE Kelowna into our RINK Hockey Academy family. We are looking to implement positive change to maximize constructive, progressive outcomes for all parties involved.” said RINK CEO, Brad Rice. “David has done a tremendous job creating a strong program and foundation for student athletes here in Kelowna and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


Hockey players (age 12-17) from around the world come to Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada each September to spend 10 months participating in an unprecedented 1000 hours of hockey development training. The Academy achieves incredible results with players because it has the right blend of hockey development and game experience. President and CEO of Pursuit of Excellence and Edge of Excellence, David Roy, had the following to say about the acquisition, joining the RINK Hockey Academy, and what the future holds.

“When I started POE 17 years ago, the whole purpose was to create a program for developing a 360-degree player. Our goal for student athletes is to maximize their potential by combining their excellence as a hockey player, student, and as a person. With the RINK’s acquisition of POE, we are now able to tap into their outstanding skill development programs and facilities, both in Winnipeg and now in Kelowna. This will provide young hockey players with an opportunity to develop as 360-degree players beyond what I could have ever imagined. For me personally, joining such a great organization in Winnipeg, is like coming home. Having operated the Edge of Excellence Skating Camps in Winnipeg since back in the early 90s, I am very familiar with the city and the people.

This merger will allow me to be freed up from the business side of the organization so that I can get back with players more on and off the ice which is where my lifelong passion continues to be.”


The RINK Hockey Corp. is a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada based company founded in 2009 by people passionate about a unique approach to skill development and the game of hockey. This team includes Brad Rice, Tina Jones, Mike Keane, and Ryan Cyr. The company owns and operates the RINK Training Centre located at 57 South Landing Dr. and its respective Player and Goalie Development divisions as well as the RINK Testify Performance whose focus is sports-science and data-driven training. The RINK Hockey Corp. also owns and operates the RINK Hockey Academy, with locations in both Winnipeg, MB and Kelowna, BC, which delivers student athletes a world-class education-based hockey experience. The RINK Hockey Corp. prides itself on delivering development to all ages and skill levels while upholding a culture that fosters love for the game of hockey.

The RINK Hockey Corp. is welcoming 50 Below Sports + Entertainment back as a tenant at the RINK Training Centre. The RINK. Hockey Corp. has realigned business units, where the Winnipeg ICE, Winnipeg Blues, and Manitoba Junior ICE Spring Hockey groups are solely owned and operated by 50 Below. The RINK Hockey Corp. will continue to invest in being the home of hockey development and pursue their passion for the game we all know and love.