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By admin, 03/16/20, 6:45PM PDT


To All Hockey Players Worldwide,

Despite the horrific impact the coronavirus is having on the whole world, every challenge in life is an equally huge opportunity for us to help make a difference in the world. Take the time off at spring break to focus on your family and the needs of others around you. This whole experience is a huge wake up call for all of us. Everyday we take for granted how blessed we are to have a family, a home, a job, an education, our freedom, healthy bodies, intelligent minds, and even life itself.

Use these times to develop your mental strength and focus. Fear is still a choice. Danger is real. Having a very serious concern over the current events in our world is critically important. It compels us to take extra precautions in our everyday hygiene. It prompts us to continue getting plenty of sleep and good nutrition. It ensures that we adhere to the temporary restrictions in terms of limiting our contact with others and the distance we keep from those around us.

However, fear or becoming overly anxious about the state of the world can immobilize us and negatively impact the positive habits and self discipline you have developed since the beginning of the school year. So, as far as you are concerned, nothing should change in that regard. Mentally, every day is game day. There are no days off. Once you’ve spent time each day over the break helping family and others, you still need time to keep up your training. Unless you are not feeling well, find time daily to push yourself outside your comfort zone physically and by expanding your positive state of mind.… actually, live outside your comfort zone and maximize the abilities God has given you to be that POE 360 degrees player! A lot can be accomplished even in two weeks… and, even if you are training on your own with supervision, keeping your distance from others during these times. The good news is the best coach you will ever have will always be you… because you control who you are and what you do, and the attitude you do it with everyday!

For our POE players and parents, I will be in touch with you again by the end of this week with an exciting and creative plan for the best 3 months of development that the players will have had all year.

Please pray for those individuals and families who are suffering from COVID-19; for the scientists that they would quickly find a vaccine; and, for those government officials and medical professionals who control the testing and treatment of those afflicted with the virus.

Enjoy your spring break with a grateful heart!

David Roy