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Thank you very much for seriously considering application to the Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy. Applying is a simple and relatively quick process. Once we have receipt of your completed application and supporting documentation, (which in some situations can be waived) we try to make a decision regarding your application within two to three weeks.

Although this program is for very high level players, please keep in mind that we also have separate groups for development players. So, regardless of your level of play, if you are serious about becoming the best hockey player you can possibly be, then we would encourage you to apply

Being accepted into the Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy is a three-step process.

  1. The first step is to receive your fully completed application along with a $5,000 deposit (Canadian funds). The said deposit will be refunded immediately if the player is not accepted into the program. The application form can be completed online only. 
  2. All applicants will be contacted and advised whether they are being considered further in the application process. If they are, they will be asked to obtain three letters of reference, which may include a letter from a recent hockey coach, and current teacher. (This condition may be waived by the Pursuit.)
  3. After reviewing the above-mentioned references, if the player is still being considered, then an interview with David Roy, the player and a parent, either in person or by phone will be held. In some cases, a video tape demonstrating the player’s skating abilities and hockey skills, may be requested.

The Registration "Admissions" is not currently available.